Voter registration deadlines coming up


Make sure you are registered to vote and then make sure you vote for Kevin Hardwick on November 3rd! 🙂


Oct. 9 – Last day to register for the general election. Mail registration must be postmarked not later than Oct. 9 and received by the board of elections not later than Oct 14.


Oct. 14 – Notices of change of address from registerd voters received by Oct. 14 by a county board of elections must be processed in time for the general election.


Oct. 9 – Last day to change enrollment using mail registration form for the 2010 Primary Election. Must be postmarked before midnight.


Oct. 27 – Last day to postmark application or letter of application for ballot.
Nov. 2 – Last day to apply in person for ballot.
Nov. 2 – Last day to postmark ballot. Must be received by the county board no later than Nov. 10.
Nov. 3 – Last day to deliver ballot in person to the board of elections.


Oct. 23 – Last day for board of elections to receive application for ballot if not previously registered.
Oct. 27 – Last day for board of elections to receive application for ballot if previously registered.
Nov. 2 – Last day to apply personally if previously registered.

Registration forms and more information can found by clicking here

One thought on “Voter registration deadlines coming up

  1. Boy I hope you win the election! Do you have any idea on where you stand, are there any polls that say you are ahead in the minds of the voters? I see Ianello signs on my street, is she the one you’re running against?

    You have my vote, I will be voting for you. I spoke with you when you were subbing for Tom Bauerle one morning, the topic was about Sarah Palin, whom I still like.

    Carol Braniff

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