Tonawanda News: 10th District candidates debate pay cuts


(By Daniel Pye – Tonawanda News – 09/29/09) Republican Kevin Hardwick, candidate for 10th District Erie County legislator, is pledging to cut his pay if elected.

His complaint revolves around the fact that in many other states, state officials make less than county officials do here. In his opinion, the resulting tax disparity is a reason this area’s young workers are migrating south.

“Our county legislators have higher salaries than state senators in 39 states. State legislators get by on a salary of $13,951 in North Carolina and $10,400 in South Carolina,” Hardwick said. “If part-time legislators can make laws for the entire states of North and South Carolina, why must we pay our legislators $42,588 for a single county?”

Democratic incumbent Legislator Michele Iannello, D-Kenmore, said the matter isn’t as simple as Hardwick is making it out to be. While North Carolina’s state officials might make less per year, figuring out how many people they serve and in what ways is essential to seeing whether or not they provide the same service for less.

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2 thoughts on “Tonawanda News: 10th District candidates debate pay cuts

  1. I see Iannellos campaign all over the place. Its Oct 10th and havent seen one kevin Hardwick sign. Come on Kevin, lets get some signs on some lawns. Iannello isnt the right person for the job. The unions may back her but the rest of us need a change .

  2. If Kevin Hardwick thinks that legislators should only make $30,000 instead of $42,588 per year, why doesn’t he promise to donate the full difference ($12,588) instead of just $7,500 per year?

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